Fabrication Services

We maintain our quality standards by keeping most of our work in house, from plate to paint. By having this level of overview, we can control and monitor quality to the highest standards. In the areas of operations that we don't incorporate, we have developed excellent working relationships with the industry leaders, enabling us to offer a wider variety of services such as galvanising and large job machining. All our fabricators are a minimum of EN 287-1 coded, all our welders are a minimum of ASME IX or ISO 15614(pt1) coded as standard.

Steel profiling:

  • CNC Plasma
  • Propane/Oxy
  • Acetylene/Oxy
  • Water Jet


  • Cutting
  • Drilling
  • Beveling
  • Countersinking


  • MIG
  • MAW
  • FCAW
  • SMAW
  • TIG

Thermal stress reliving:

  • 3 zone electric oven
  • 6.2m x 2.6 m x 1.8m
  • 15 tonne max capacity


  • CNC Lathes 400mm x 2000mm
  • CNC Mill 1500mm x 660mm x 610mm

Shot blasting:

  • 7m x 3m x 3m
  • 15 tonnes
  • G17 cast grit
  • 40-70 micron surface finish


  • All coating systems
  • All colours (RAL and non-standard)


  • Brands
  • Plates
  • Tubes
  • RHS
  • Universal Beams
  • Universal Columns
  • Angles

Rope Access and Confined Space Services

Unwins Engineering can offer a wide range of services via rope access techniques. All our rope access technicians are IRATA qualified. IRATA certified qualifications are recognised globally. They are ‘the’ benchmarked highest standard qualification for rope access. The rope access technique is used in a wide range of repair, maintenance, inspection and access work. Rope access methodology boasts an unrivalled safety record, short set-up and dismantling time, positive environmental benefits and removes the need for invasive access equipment or disruption to a worksite. Rope Access is the most cost effective and safe means of deploying highly skilled technicians in not only hard to access areas but also in areas traditionally served by scaffolding, thus reducing project times from weeks to days.

The services we can offer via rope access are:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Welding
  • Pipefitting
  • Fabrication
  • Plant and Building Inspections
  • Confined Space Entry (High Risk Level 3)

We also specialise in providing confined space cover and rescue. We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a safe, cost-effective solution for all confined space requirements especially with difficult and restricted access anywhere around the UK.

All of our employees are trained in the following, this ensures that we always have highly trained and experienced technicians available for our clients:

Confined Space Entry (High Risk Level 3) – This is the highest level of training to ensure our teams have you covered regardless of the environment and task.

Pipework Services

We carry comprehensive stock of fittings and pipework, and as such are able to commence work immediately upon receipt of your order. We can fabricate from any type of drawing from General Arrangements to hand drawn sketches. We welcome all enquiries, from general spool pieces, to complete packages and refits. We specialise in off-site prefabrication of pipework and module pipework fabrication ranging from pipe sizes 15NB to 1200NB. We have prefabricated and installed carbon steel and stainless steel pipework on projects for a range of industries in the UK.

We can supply any surface protection including powder coating and galvanising.

We can undertake all projects from straight spools and risers, to plant rooms, boiler houses and module pipework. And what's more, we take such pride in our quality and speed of delivery to site that we guarantee to meet any agreed delivery date. A more detailed list of competences is detailed and listed in the following categories:


  • 3rd Party Inspection
  • Modifications to existing plant/factory pipework etc
  • Shutdown planning
  • Supply of Pre-fabricated pipework to client’s isometric/P&ID drawings
  • Header Systems and Manifolds
  • Redundant Pipework & steelwork removal


Pipe work fabrications in a range of materials including; Carbon steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, Mild steel, Duplex steels, Monels, Differential (carbon, stainless etc.), Copper, Titanium & Plastics (PE, PP, PVDF)

  • Concentric and eccentric reducers
  • Equal and unequal branches
  • Equal and unequal lateral branches
  • Mitre bends, lobster backs and Y pieces
  • Duplex spools
  • Stainless steel fully welded
  • Carbon steel welded and flanged and screwed pipes (sch10 / schxxs)
  • Conifer spools in various sizes
  • Monel pipe fully welded
  • Fabrication of PAU and Skid Units, providing on site installation and commissioning.

In our dedicated engineering workshops, as well as on site, we carry out a full schedule of engineering works detailed below:

  • Strip downs
  • Rebuilds
  • Rebuilds
  • Supply of Pre-fabricated pipework to client’s isometric/P&ID drawings
  • Reverse engineered components and machinery
  • Maintenance (preventative and reactive)

Design capability:

We offer design and engineering services covering both general mechanical design and pressure vessel design to PD5500, BS EN13445 & ASME Standards. We utilise Solidworks 3D and Codex for Design/drafting Pressure Vessels come with full CE Certification to comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED 97/23/EC). We generally employ the services of either Lloyds Register or British Engineering Services (Formerly Royal & Sun Alliance) to carry out the Notified Body role in pressure vessel design and manufacture but is happy to work with any Client preferences. We are equally happy to work to client designs/drawings and do so on a regular basis with many OEMs, reverse engineering as and when required to produce obsolete parts for older plant and equipment.


We regularly offer expertise and experience to advise clients where we think we can add value to goods and reduce costs by utilising different manufacturing techniques and/or materials. We carry several graduate engineers on our staff in addition to a wealth of practical experience gained over 35 years’ experience. Whilst this service is predominantly workshop based, we regularly carry out site visits/surveys where we look to engineer out recurring problems by improving existing designs. We operate a continuous improvement policy.

Liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) to freeze stationary media in any chosen sections of pipe or tubing.

  • Saves valuable time normally lost draining and refilling a system.
  • Avoids complete shutdown of systems and equipment (as in a sprinkler or water supply system).
  • Prevents large amounts of product wastage.
  • Safe and cost effective.
  • Delivery system is notably colder than other refrigerants
  • Compliance. Avoid the financial penalties associated with non-compliance of environmental requirements.

Variety Of Applications

  • Valve Installations
  • Pipe Section Replacement
  • Equipment Isolation
  • Pipe Branch Terminations
  • Pipeline Abandonment
  • Metering installations

Common Pipe Materials

  • Carbon Steel
  • Nickel Alloy
  • Copper Based alloys
  • Cupro Nickel
  • Aluminium alloys
  • Stainless Steel
  • Ductile and Cast Iron

Common Pipe Contents

  • Water
  • Acids
  • Coolants
  • Paints
  • Alcohols
  • Oils
  • Liquid Food product
  • Various Chemicals
  • Sewage

Common Pipe Freezing application’s include

  • Cooling Water
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Process systems
  • Fuel Oil Lines
  • Sludge Lines
  • Hydraulic Control Lines
  • Domestic/Utility Systems
  • Hydrocarbon Risers
  • Water Injection Lines
  • Heat Exchanger Lines
  • Heating Services
  • Chilled Water Systems

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